captain-marvel-lg-1KStan’s Amazing Kingdom of Collectibles is a tribute to the Stan we knew and loved.  A devoted husband, loving father, dear friend, and avid collector, Stan kept us all in line and made us laugh until we cried.

When we finally started opening boxes, we were astonished to behold some of the finest examples of Disney animation artistry ever seen.  It was hard to believe such treasures had languished unseen for over 30 years!  In addition to the 40 original Disney animation cels, we unearthed boxes and boxes of rare and vintage comic books and magazines.  When we added them to the rare original paintings by Boris Vallejo, we knew Stan’s collection was too awesome to keep under wraps – it deserved to be seen!

In this gallery we seek to preserve his memory and share with the world some of the wonderful things he collected through the years.  Items will be added to this site as we work through the process of cataloging, photographing, and documenting each piece.  We hope you visit often and enjoy the continuing marvels of Stan’s Amazing Kingdom.


*All items pictured on this site are part of Stan’s personal collection, and were photographed by Kit Latham on location during the summer of 2014.

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