Disney Animation Cel Auction Day Is Coming!

The countdown has begun!

On Thursday, April 9 at noon Eastern time Heritage Auctions will commence its Animation Art Signature Auction in Dallas, Texas.  This event is where many Disney animation cels from Stan’s personal collection will be offered for the first time in over 25 years.

Which cels? you ask.  A bunch!  Take a look at the Original Animation Cels Collection and there you can filter for Auction Listings.  Auction links are listed on each cel, or if you are the impatient (efficient!) type you can head directly to Heritage Auctions and view all the StanStock listings at once.

There are lots of ways to bid, and you can even live stream the auction from Dallas.  It’s fancy like that!

Be sure to watch Heritage Auctions’s preview video, which features The Sorcerer Yen Sid (that’s Disney spelled backward)!  Jim Lentz is a real swell guy and was a pleasure to work with.  We give him two thumbs up.

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