The Fire Nymphs

Fantasia 1940 Green Female Spirits mat

Fantasia 1940 Green Female Spirits frame

Fantasia 1940 Green Female Spirits comp

“Night on Bald Mountain”

(Walt Disney Studio, 1940)

Full color production cels
Courvoisier setup
7.5″ x 9″ mat opening


This setup is so awesome!  The green fire women are on a separate cel from the fiery green flames cel.  Both are on top of a hand-painted Courvoisier background which combines to create a great sense of depth.  This scene appears around 4:45 into the Night on Bald Mountain part of Fantasia.  Fun fact: this writer once sang in a performance of the Mussorgsky “Dream of the Peasant Lad Gritsko” with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra under Zdeněk Mácal, about a million years ago.


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