Jiminy Cricket Underwater

Pinocchio 1940 Jiminy Cricket and Fish mat

Pinocchio 1940 Jiminy Cricket and Fish frame

Pinocchio 1940 Jiminy Cricket and Fish CC comp

(Walt Disney Studio, 1940)

Full color production cel
Courvoisier setup
7.5″ x 9.5″ mat opening


I don’t think the sea is a particularly hospitable place for a cricket, but it’s pretty impressive that he manages to get down there with his top hat and umbrella intact.  Here it looks like Jiminy is about to be a snack for a really unhappy fish.  It’s not uncommon to feel compelled to eat when one feels sad or angry or melancholy.  Personally, I prefer ice cream to crickets, even talking ones, but to each his own.  This setup really pops with the lush background the Courvoisier artists created, but the neatest part is that the little bubbles are all on their own cel which is placed on top of the whole setup.  Like the sparkles in the dwarf mines, someone had to animate all those bubbles!


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