Lucifer and Gus

Cinderella Lucifer and Gus The Mouse-CR-CC-1500

Cinderella Lucifer and Gus The Mouse-FR-CC-1800

(Walt Disney Studio, 1950)

Full color production cels
Master production background
8″ x 19.5″ mat opening


This setup is two separate cels put together on top of a sweet hand-painted master production background.  The left cel is Lucifer the Cat menacing Gus the Mouse on the right.  I’ve never been confronted by a creature with a head more than twice my size that wanted to eat me, but I imagine it’s one of those experiences, if you survive, that makes you stop and take stock of your life and where you’re headed.  Maybe Gus should consider giving up his life of pilfering and start an organic food co-op so all mice can enjoy living a self-directed existence.  Today, I’m grateful for: being at the top of the food chain.


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