Maleficent Pointing

Sleeping Beauty 1959 Maleficent Pointing mat

Sleeping Beauty 1959 Panorama Maleficent 1800

Sleeping Beauty
(Walt Disney Studio, 1959)

Full color pan production cel
Eyvind Earle master pan background
11″ x 25.5″ mat opening
10″ x 20.5″ figure


Holy cow, this Maleficent is huge and commanding!  She’s so put together–her lips and nails match, eyes and sceptre, too, and that upswept collar and spiky things really add a certain je ne sais quoi to her horns.  Maleficent is a perfect Disney villain, and being a villain is all about extremes.  She’s not mad; she’s enraged.  She’s not bad; she’s evil.  She’s not mean; she’s ruthless.  I mean, go big or go home, right?  This setup is a supreme example of Maleficent at her most intimidating.


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