Prince Phillip and Samson

Prince Phillip on Horse

Sleeping Beauty
(Walt Disney Studio, 1959)

Full color pan production cel
30″ x 12.5″ cel
5.5″ x 5″ figure


Prince Phillip on his trusty steed Samson riding into battle!  This cel is fairly large and untrimmed, and we found it in an envelope jammed into a portfolio between bookshelves while poking around for books to consign to the auction.  A late find, but just in time for the guys to add it to the auction list.  And while we love a man who’s not afraid to be confident in a pink cape (sword and shield notwithstanding), he seemed anxious to be on his way.


This cel is available for auction!

View it now at Heritage Auctions.
Good luck, and happy bidding!

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